Mariana Kalacheva – Biography

mariana kalacheva biography in art

Self – exhibitions:

2017 – “To tame” – Exhibition of paintings and ink-drawings in P.A.R.K.Store gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2016 – “Spring Art Aleys” – Exhibition with paintings in Splendid Hotel & Spa; Nice, France
2016 – “Alisa”, Bibliotheque Municipale & Association Menton-Sotchi, Menton; France
2012 – “Air Bridges”, Le Papillon Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
2012 – Exhibition in art Gallery ” ‘t hof te puttens”, Lede, Belgium
2012 – “A Recipe for Magic”, Gildo Pastor Centre Art Gallery, Monaco
2011 – “A Recipe for Magic”, Jorj Papazoff Gallery and Novotel Plovdiv, Bulgaria /painting/
2010 – “Colorfull Stories”, Bulgarian Culture Institute “House Wittgenstein”, Vienna, Austria /painting/
2010 – “Fragments”, “Pironessa” gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria  /painting/
2010 – “Stories of Angels”, “Jorj Papazoff” gallery, Novotel Plovdiv, Bulgaria /painting/
2009 – “Mosaics”- “Urban Gallery – Karlovo”, Karlovo, Bulgaria /painting/
2009 – “Some minutes or less”, “Minerva” gallery, Grand Hotel Sofia, Bulgaria /painting/
2008 – “In-Sense”, “Minerva” gallery, Grand Hotel Sofia, Bulgaria /painting/
2006 – “Art Plus” gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria / painting/
2004 – “Jorj Papazov” gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria /drawings and graphic/
1998 – “Vazrazhdane” gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria /drawings/

More important participations:

2017 – Vernice Art fair – Forli Fiera, ArtExpo Gallery, Italy
2017 – ARTE Cremona; ArtExpo Gallery, Casalpusterlengo, Italy
2016 – Colorida Art, Lisbon, Portugal
2015 – ART Revolution Taipei, Taiwan
2014 – Arte Internacional Naif, BCM gallery & CT Art Gallery, Reus , Tarragona, Spain
2014 – Arte Internacional Naif in BCM gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2014- 4-me Rendez-vous des artistes Naifs/Verneul sur Avre, France
2014 – SIAC (Salon international d’art contemporain), Marseille, France
2013 – Artistes du Monde, International Exposition of Contemporary Art; Salon du Veux Port, Cannes,France
2013 – Summer exhibition – ‘t hof te puttens”, Lede, Belgium
2012 – Summer exhibition – ‘t hof te puttens”, Lede, Belgium
2012 –  “100- years Society of the Artists from South Bulgaria” – Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2012 – “Exhibition Circus & Carnaval”, presented by Gildo Pastor Centre Art Gallery – Monaco
2011 – ” Femmes du Monde” – Ste Agnes, Medievale, Cote d’Azur France
2011 – “Vino deco”, exposition art naif, Chateau Verez, Cote d’Azur, France
2011 – “A flower for Palm Sunday” – Vox Art Gallery, Bourgas, Bulgaria
2011 – “Ladies choice”- opening with the special participation of the actor Stefan Danailov, Mall-Gallery Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2010 –  “Christmas Exhibition 2010″ , Business Hotel Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2010 – “Exhibition of the Young Artists”, “AAP”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2009 – “Tuyap” , “Jorj Papazov” & “Valor” galleries, Istanbul, Turkey
2009 – “15 x 5″ – project by Lyubena Hadzhiyska, /AAP/
2007 – “77” –exhibition of artists, born in 1977. – “Art Plus”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2007 – Krapetz Plain air, Minicipality of Shabla, Bulgaria
2007 – “Love and Wine”, Tourist Information Center, Hissar, Bulgaria
2006 – “Annual Exhibition” Common of the Association of the artists in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2005 – XVII-th International Bienal of Humor and Satire – Gabrovo, Bulgaria
2004 – Curator of the project “Exhibition of the Young Artists” – /AAP/
2004 – Fourth International Triennal of Graphic Arts – Sofia, Bulgaria
2004 – Representative exhibition of graphic’s artists from Plovdiv, “Culture Centre”- Nis, Serbia
1998 – “The surrealism in Plovdiv”, “Vazrazhdane” gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


2008 – Prize for the National Competition “Words in Color”, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria
2010 – Young Artist’s Prize by the Association of  the Artists in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2015 – Awarded in the International competition Art Revolution- Art Fair, Taipei, Taiwan

My paintings are owned by private collectors in Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Hungary, United Kingdom, Brazil, USA.


1998 – 2002 – Illustrator of fantasy magazine “Zona F” by general editing of Agop Melkonyan, Bulgaria
2002 – 2003 – “Chitalishte Vazrazhdane – Plovdiv” by “Chitaliste Project” which goal is to strengthen the community role of the Chitalishte as traditional cultural and educational centers in Bulgaria. Provided by (UNDP), MATRA and (USAID) developing programs.
05. 2013 – Pediatric department of the Hospital in Sicily: painted wall composition by the picture “ The tightrope dancer” /The project is made by the director of department Domenico Cipolla.
23-27. 05.2013 – LA Balkan Fest 2013 ‘Supports I Can Too / Petro Dushkov : П.Ч.Е.Л.А & MAHALATA – Los Angeles/USA
12.2013 – Illustrator to the story “The Dream of a grain of sand” – by Victoria Levi- Rueven
01.2014 – “Suggestopedic course for harmonious relationships with our children” organized by Vihrovenia –Centre of classical suggestopedy , Bulgaria
29. May. 2015 – FALCON YACHTS – Open day of Art exhibition & Buffet cocktail served on board of the motor yacht in Port Canto, Cannes, France
19.06.2015 – White Russian Night –One day exhibition, Stars n’Bars, Monaco

Activities and skills:

1995 -2004 Assistance- gallerist in Art gallery “Vazrazhdane”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2004 – Curator of the project “Exhibition of the Young Artists” – /AAP/ Association of the Artists in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2006 -2007 Assistance- gallerist in “Art Plus” – art gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Since starting my professional way of being an artist, I amplify my experience through the curiosity to the details of the forms beyond the ordinary world.

I was born in Plovdiv city, in the 1977-th, Bulgaria.


In 2003 I graduate the AMDFA/ Academy of Musik, Dance and Fine Arts/ – Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Master Degree – Speciality “Graphics” under the guidance of Prof. Vladimir Genadiev and “Pedagogy of Fine Arts” under the guidance of Prof. Bisser Damyanov.
Since starting my professional way of being artist, I amplify my experiences through the curiosity of the details of the forms beyond the ordinary world.

My debut in 1998 was an exhibition with drawings made in the technique of ink, lavis and dry brush on paper.

Since 2005 I have been working with the oil techniques on canvas.

Over the years, living and working in Plovdiv – Bulgaria, later in Nice – France and currently – in Baton Rouge, Louisiana – USA, I have found and still try to keep the balance between the figurative and naive expression.

The technique I usually use is Oil colors on canvas.
In the figurative style I use the qualities of the mixture between light, texture and color, making portraits of women or couples. I sometimes mix the techniques with ceramics, handmade paper, dried flowers, structure pastes, varak, acrylic and oil colors.
In the naïf style I simplify and stylize these little figures, expressing all my joy of the color’s explosion and the humoresque in the themes.
This vital energy recharges me and my audience as well.

The compositions are filled with a variety of personages and decorative objects – figures of women, the couple as a symbol of love, cats, birds and bulls, fruits, flowers and trees, houses, lamps or vases. The expressions are stylized and simplified but the dynamics of the objects and the color’s depth thrive on cheerful and spectacular patterns of energy. Shimmering pink and purple, endless turquoise, permanent and almost neon green, warm orange and saturated vermillion enhance the magic and joy in striking compositions of the little heroes living in a parallel world.

I often draw inspirations from my travels. They charge my spiritual needs with new ideas and give me a different cut of the face to the world.
They keep my consciousness awake, ever seeking, travelling, exploring the details of the invisible reality to the ordinary perception.
My paintings are owned by private collectors in Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany, Austria, France, USA, Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Hungary, United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, etc.