• March 27, 2016

Dear friends and Art lovers,
It is Bibliotheque Municipale L’Odissee and Menton Sotchi Association’s great pleasure to present the latest series of the contemporary artist Mariana Kalacheva, on the theme of Alisa.

Mariana is presenting a mosaics of paintings in art naïf and figural. If you are interested in to see the surroundings through rose-colored glasses or just want to feel carefree and a little bit happier, then come and have a look there!

Welcome to the grand opening on Friday, 1-st April 2016 at 17.00 h in Bibliotheque Municipal L’Odissee – Menton, France.

All the paintings are accompanied by the lyrics of the young poets Boyana Nikolova and Stanislav Prodanov and  the latest addition from Mariana’s Art accessories.

Welcome to the art exhibition!

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