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To the interview:

  1. Mariana,  how did you start painting?  Tell us a few things about yourself.

Actually I started painting many years ago. In my childhood I accepted it as something usual that everybody does during, before, after the school-time. Later I realized that other people have different hobbies. Over the years I started develop my senses and needs to discover the beauty of the Nature and surroundings with richer and more difficult means of expression. I painted famous heroes from the Television, from the books, pictures and magazines and made etudes with my hands. Then I decided to study in the Academy of Arts. My first wish was Illustration but fate determined my study to develop otherwise. I graduated with Graphics but years later moved to painting. 

  1. In your paintings the world is beautiful and happy.  How is that? And how is your art received by the critics and the public?

I dream a lot. My dreams are colorful, bright with many symbols within. When I woke up, I try to remember and keep them fresh in my memory as long as I can. I even write them in my notebook. When start painting I strive to remember and reach exactly those levels of purity and weightlessness. They are collected deeply in my “golden chest with colorful tales and endless joy-stories”. Nowadays when most of people are steeped in sadness and despair, I prefer to avoid these conditions by drawing. This act is one of the only things who give me energy and light even when I fall down. Acting my paintings I believe I share my warmth with many people who need it in some definite moment. They receive my art as a hand of rising their energy levels, as a treatment for enhancing of the low mood. I receive hundreds of massages from known and unknown people who enter into my web or facebook profile just to increase their condition to feel better after long day-working. I think both the critics and the public accept my art as useful and valuable activity, what is exactly gives me wings to keep going.

  1. What did you discover about yourself since you’ve started panting?  How did you develop in years?

Since I have started to paint and create, I’ve started to believe more into my sixth sense and opened the door to the vast scope of unlimited imagination. First step I did when tried to forget what I’ve studied in the Academy. Second – I realized that I can not breath if continue doing only engravings, because it kept me only in range of monochrome at that time. And third – I experienced severe events in a stage of my life which changed and unlocked my worldview to feel, chase and find completely new (or well forgotten in the past..) fields of irradiation of joy and happiness. It means that when I started painting my heroes, using naivete, deformation and simplicity of the forms, I felt better and better.. And there became a short addiction between the time I spend on making art and my rising levels of good mood. 

  1. You’ve had several exhibits in Bulgaria, Turkey, France, Monaco. Is it different the way the public perceives you in these places?

I was wondered the same – do people perceive me well while exhibit in different countries. The answer is yes, they do. This type of art is visual art, that means people first see and than perceive. They are initially attracted by some undefined color-spot and than with each next step, moving to the spot, seeing that this is not a spot but colorful story on canvas. If I can only show you the expressions of their faces at this time!!!! J They want to deep inside and live as long as they can. Basically people are the same – no mater origin, possibilities, color-skin, race or place of living. They can feel, they are human beings and need love. Why not give it to them?!

  1. What do you love?  What can you do without and what you cannot imagine life without?

I love to love. I like to be positive, to think positively when even in a bad situation. I love my job! I love doing sport, making yoga, cycling, reading books and watching European movies. I can do without luxury of live. I can not imagine life without painting, without my freedom.

  1. What is your biggest fear?

I do not even want to mention it! Better pass or block it and think creatively than pay it any attention!


  1. What do you wish for 2013 to accomplish?

I wish people would be more patient and less greedy or dedicated to earning goods. I hope new 2013 would be more calm and peaceful in relations. Let everyone can find his own mission and care and share the seeds of positive thoughts anywhere, anytime. Let discover the beauty and love in all it dimensions and gift it to those who need it!

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