• July 18, 2010

The exhibition “Fragments” is made for the little things, supplemented in an entity. The idea is dedicated to the fragments, living their own live, but in their grouping, the symbols are splitting and residual flavor reminiscents of something in the past, of something child’s sweet in our memories. 

Our attention has been stopped by the eyes of a girl, dreamed of the endless Autumn Sun, by  a cat making faces, flirted with it’s owner,  by umbrellas, flying in a cloudless sky, by gothic arches with mosaics of Gaudi, by a sheltered couple in love, or just by a window, which always changes the nuances of the time, but never changes the scenery. The Morning Coffee from the glass, sliding among the edge of oval table, would be more delicious in the company of the gracious ladies, the delicate eyes and the boundless warming silence of the June sunrise.

Let’s try! Painting Exhibition of Mariana Kalacheva, “Pironessa” gallery, Plovdiv