• December 15, 2013

Since starting her professional way of being artist, Bulgarian painter Mariana Kalacheva amplifies her experience through the curiosity to the details beyond the ordinary world.

In 2003 she graduates the AMDFA/ Academy of Musik, Danse and Fine Arts/ – Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Master Degree – Speciality Graphics under the guidance of  Prof. Vladimir Genadiev and Pedagogy of Fine Arts under the guidance of Prof. Bisser Damyanov.

Her debut in 1998 is exhibition with drawings made with ink and dry brush on paper.

The next participations in the field of graphics gradually gives more space for performing in painting. Since 2005 she has worked as a painter.

She is a member of Association of the Artists in Plovdiv and the Union of the Bulgarian Artists.

Her paintings are owned by private collectors in Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, United Kingdom, Brazil, USA.

Over the years, living and working in Bulgaria, Kalacheva has found her balance between the figural and naïve expression.

In the field of the figural art she uses the qualities of the mixture between light, relief and color , oil colors applied by spatulas and brushes on canvas, shape-forming compounds, gilds,  hand-made papers, petals, blades and ceramics. Her compositions are filled with variety of personages and decorative objects – figures of women, couple as a symbol of love, cats, birds and bulls,  fruits, flowers and trees, houses, lamps or vases.  Exploring the sharpness and the delicacy of the human’s psychological state, elsewhere creating a mosaic background provides a new view point of expressing.

In the field of naïve art the means of expression are stylized and simplified but the dynamics of the objects and the color’s depth thrive on cheerful and spectacular patterns of energy. Shimmering pink and purple, endless turquoise, permanent and almost neon green, warm orange and saturated vermillion enhance the magic and joy in a striking compositions of little heroes living in a parallel world.


Mariana often draws inspirations from her travels around Europe. The combination between Bulgarian and Greek folk-palette, the ornaments of Islamic motifs in Turkey, the local color of Barcelona and Gaudi, the Spanish bullfights,  Austrian art nouveau and secession, the tranquility of the French Provence and the softness of Cot d’Azur charge her with new ideas and give a different cut of the face to the world.

She builds the image of an artist with waking consciousness, ever seeking, travelling, exploring  the details of that reality which is invisible to the ordinary human perception.

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