• March 21, 2010


If the playing-game is one of the most persistent human nature codes which it seems we endeavor to dislodge in the backyard of our minds during the whole lifetime, then the art in the gaming-start is crucial. The key-charge which stimulates creating, inventing and telling the new stories one after another is exactly there. I find there the essence of Mariana Kalacheva art-works. The paintings are filled with images of completely different world from the reality. This world is colorful, light and airless, devoid of gravity and materiality. Her stories tell us about invisible angels of goodness, about love and magic presented in a very fascinating way with sincerity and ingenuousness. All images, shapes and volumes in the compositions are designed in a special stylization and generalization that allows to the viewer to perceive the picture as a scenic integrity. The colors are bride and light. The light jets from the images and makes them once again meaningful centre.  The individual details are built with almost embossed expression of volume. The space is like “at the edge” on the border between Heaven and Earth, completely devoid of specifics and perspective. These pictures are not abstract. They even could be excellent stories for making illustrations. There is missing the banal drama, mythologizing the painter as the movie- image. In a concept there is missing the deconstruction. On the contrary – they bear genuine joy of painting, kind of elegance, expression of the form and lots of light.

 Associated Prof. Galina Lardeva 


March, 2010