The Spirit of The Sun

  • February 28, 2023

The Spirit of the Sun is an emotional-visual paradigm of states that evolves in lightness, weightlessness, and timelessness.

There are several narratives playing out in the foreground of this pattern of timelessness.

The exploration of the physical beauty of Nature is inspired by forms, colors, and textures that are resplendent in our world.

The Sun is always a preset element that adds a sense of vibrance and a metaphysical connection to the world. It is often symbolized in the paintings as a golden circle, as gilded, neon sparkling strokes, as a reflection from ornaments or luminous snow at night.

My artworks depict the play with shape and color in a very elusive way that creates mystic subjects, artifacts, ambiguous symbols, whimsical urban landscapes, rural pastoral sunken in sfumato, or giant flowers growing in golden meadows.

It’s a journey outwards and inwards to places of imagination and unimaginable.

The strive is to touch unconsciously the idea of the energy of rhythm and feeling, past and future that individually blend and encrypt in the Universe.

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